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FARA Annual Awards

1.  Divisional FAR of the Year Nominations - This award will recognize significant contributions by individuals to the respective divisions.


2.  Divisional Newcomer of the Year Award - This award will recognize a new FAR who has contributed significantly to their division.


Award Solicitation

Nominations for these awards shall be solicited according to the following guidelines:



  • Solicitations will begin December 1 and continue through June 1


Solicitation Process

  • The FARA Divisional Vice-Presidents will solicit nominations using their respective conference liaisons. Send an email to conference liaisons and to conference commissioners that includes an invitation to nominate a colleague and include the award criteria/nomination form links.

  • The award criteria and nomination links will be included in The Voice each month.


Selection Process

  • The FARA Divisional Vice-presidents will present a slate of nominees for each division to the FARA Honors & Awards Committee on or before August 10.

  • The FARA Honors & Awards Committee will convene to select divisional winners on or before August 30.

  • Award recipients will be notified of their award on or before September 15.

Nomination Form Links:
FAR of the Year 
FAR Newcomer of the Year

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