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2023 David Knight Award Winner
Jeri Beggs, Illinois State University

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The David Knight Award is presented annually to an individual who has provided outstanding service to FARA. The award is in honor of David Knight, long-time faculty athletics representative at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a driving force behind the establishment of FARA. His dedication and commitment to the student-athlete, to collegiate sports and to the role that faculty play in shaping both were exemplary. David's service to the NCAA, to FARA and on campus reminds us all of the importance of being fully engaged in the collegiate athletics experience.


2023  Jeri Beggs

2022  Julie Rochester

2019  Eileen McDonough

2018  Frank Webbe

2017  Dennis Leighton

2016  Ed Streb

2015  David Clough

2014  Paul Engelmann

2013  Alan Hauser

2012  Chris Walker

2011  Terri Steeb Gronau

2010  Kevin Lennon

2009  Myles Brand

2008  Lorri Clemo

2007  Julie Cromer

2006  Ced Dempsey

2005  Michael Miranda

2004  Diane Husic

2003  Karen Cooper and Jerry Kingston



**2020 and 2021: No award given during pandemic.

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