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As part of institutional governance of intercollegiate athletics, NCAA legislation requires every campus to designate an individual to serve as FAR. Duties of the FAR are determined by each school, but can generally characterized as serving as a liaison between the institution and the athletics department, and also as a representative of the institution in conference and NCAA affairs.  

The FAR Handbook is intended primarily for new FARs but is of

relevance for chief executive officers, directors of athletics, senior

woman administrators, conference commissioners, compliance

coordinators, faculty governance officers, members of athletics

boards or committees, and other groups or individuals.  The role of

the FAR in the "institutional control" of intercollegiate athletics

programs on individual campuses ultimately will be shaped by the

chief executive officer but will be based in part on input and advice

from many of these constituencies.  Hence, a broad audience is both

anticipated and encouraged.


This handbook is organized to describe the activities of FARs in four significant areas.  Chapter headings focus on FARs' relationship with the NCAA, the campus, the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association (FARA) and athletics conferences. Development of this handbook has been a cooperative endeavor between FARA and the NCAA national office staffs.

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