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Below are a series of reports on surveys of FARs regarding their activities and conditions on campus:

- Report on the Class Absence Policy Survey (2018): Includes copies of campus policies submitted by FARs

- Report on the Survey of FAR Involvement in Campus Athletics Search Committees (2018)

- Final Report of the FAR Engagement Survey (2017): Includes activities, length of service, hours, and activities.

- Final Report of the FAR Compensation Survey (2016): Includes financial compensation, course-release, and service recognition.

- The Faculty Athletics Representative: A Survey of the Membership (2013) – Wide-ranging survey of FAR activities and support. Please click here to navigate to the NCAA Research department page on the study.  Click here to go directly to the pdf of the report.  The previous version of the FAR study is available here:  2008 Survey Report.  Tables from the survey are available here: 2008 Survey Results.


- Resources for New (and not so new) FARs: A guide to resources available through the NCAA and FARA

- What College Presidents and Chancellors Need to Know About Faculty Athletics Representatives:

This brochure is a handy guide regarding what CEOs at NCAA institutions need to know about FARs and was mailed to all NCAA Presidents and Chancellors.

- Faculty Athletics Representatives Handbook: This handbook, published in collaboration with the NCAA, offers more information about the role of the FAR and the relationship between the FAR and the NCAA.

- “Do You Know Where Your Faculty Athletics Representative Is?”: This pamphlet explains the relationship of the FAR to the student-athlete and is intended for the student audience. Copies are available by contacting Nick Sproull at


- The Highly Engaged FAR: Recommendations for the Campus, the Conference and the FAR - A result of the efforts by Division III FAR Engagement Working Group,  this document makes a number of recommendations on how best to empower and engage FARs in Division III.  The document was endorsed by the Division III Management and Presidents Councils.


- Institutional Class Absence Policies: A collection of the various policies that govern student-athlete absences from class for athletics commitments.  Includes alphabetical lists by division and a sortable spreadsheet that can be customized for your needs.


- Division II Model FAR Document: In 2011 the Division II FAR Advanced Leadership Institute developed the “Division II Model FAR Document” which was subsequently approved by the Division II Management and Presidents Councils. The Model FAR Document Addendum  discusses the critical role that FARs can play in strategic communications about athletics.


-Sample FAR Position Descriptions:

FARA members have provided sample position descriptions for FARs at individual institutions. These descriptions provide an indication of the wide range of roles and responsibilities fulfilled by FARs in different NCAA divisions and institutions.  Have a position description that works for you? If you’d like to share please forward a copy to Nick Sproull, NCAA Liaison to FARA, at


- Sample Descriptions of Faculty Mentoring Programs: FARA members have provided sample descriptions of faculty mentoring programs as used at their institutions. Faculty mentoring programs are a way to involve additional faculty members with your athletics teams, and to also provide additional resources to your student-athletes.


Links to other sites of interest:

- NCAA Website

- 1A FAR (An association of faculty athletics representatives at NCAA DI FBS schools, formerly known as IA)

- NCAA Research Dept, Website

- National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics (N4A)

- National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA)

- The Chronicle of Higher Education (requires subscription)

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